Our Dallas vasectomy clinic operates in-network with many major insurance companies.  We use the no-scalpel vasectomy procedure.

Does Insurance Cover Your Vasectomy?

First, it depends partly on your deductible.

Some health insurance plans have high annual deductibles.  If you have such a plan, this means you must make monthly payments for your health care premiums and also pay directly out of pocket for any health care expenses until you pay off your deductible for that year.  Then, after you meet your annual deductible, your plan may only cover a percentage of the cost of the consultation and surgery.

Even men with high annual deductibles will find our self-pay fee of $585  is affordable. This includes a $100.00 deposit when scheduling your procedure and the remaining $485 due the day of service.

Secondly, it depends on your health insurance plan.  It may be that your plan requires a procedure to be medically necessary and does not cover the procedure because it is considered elective – not medically necessary.  If you have such a plan and the insurance company determines that the procedure is not medically necessary, you may be responsible for paying the fee for the procedure.

If you have health insurance that covers vasectomy, please contact your insurer to find out what portion of our fees may be covered.

For your individual coverage details, we recommend that you contact your insurance carrier to discuss your plan.  Indicate to the representative that you are planning an “in-office” procedure, usually called “vasectomy” or, sometimes, “sterilization” and that the “CPT code is 55250”.

Once you schedule your vasectomy, we will re-verify your insurance coverage and notify you regarding your responsibility.

Simple Vasectomy Pricing & Fast Telephone Booking

vasectomy cost - how much in Texas - DFW?Please call us at 469-931-0684 to confirm your appointment for a no-needle, no-scalpel vasectomy.

If your insurance doesn’t cover vasectomy or you have a high deductible policy, we offer a self-pay option of $585.00 ($100.00 deposit plus $485.00 the day of the procedure.)

We are available by phone during regular clinic hours, and this is the best way to reach us for quick questions and appointments.

You can also send us your inquiry after hours using the appointment request form.  Click the button:


How Much Does a Vasectomy Cost ?

Vasectomy pricing will vary from one clinic to another. If your health insurance covers vasectomy, a portion of the cost will be paid by your provider.  Please check with your insurance company to see what if any of the cost is covered, after your deductible.

We offer the option of either a single visit for consultation and procedure, or you can choose to have separate appointments for the initial consult and the vasectomy surgery.

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No-Needle Anesthesia is Always Included

At Gentle Procedures Dallas Dr. McAuliff employs no-needle anesthesia for vasectomy. We offer a no-needle, no-scalpel procedure.

You can see below how the air-jet anesthetic application reduces trauma relative to use of a needle.

Nobody likes a needle in the scrotum, so no-needle anesthesia is pretty much universally preferred.

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