Our Dallas vasectomy clinic is committed to providing affordable quality of care to all our patients. We offer the no-scalpel, no-needle, open-ended vasectomy procedure.

Paying for Your Vasectomy

The cost for a vasectomy at Gentle Procedures Dallas is $585. That includes your initial consultation with the doctor, the procedure itself and support (if needed) during the healing process.

When you schedule your procedure, there is a $100.00 non-refundable deposit to hold the appointment, which is applied to the cost of the cost of the surgery on the day of the procedure. The remaining $485 is due the day you have the vasectomy done.

Please note that the deposit is non-refundable.  If you do cancel and reschedule 7 calendar days or more from the date of your appointment, the deposit will apply to the cost of the procedure.  If you cancel 6 days or less before the originally-scheduled appointment and you wish to reschedule the appointment then you will need to pay a new deposit.  We have this policy out of consideration for other clients who may have wished to schedule in that time slot but did not have the opportunity because it was held for you.  If you cancel very close to the appointment, someone else did not have a chance to schedule in that time slot.

vasectomy cost - how much in Texas - DFW?Please call us at 469-931-0684 to confirm your appointment for a no-needle, no-scalpel vasectomy.

We are available by phone during regular clinic hours, and this is the best way to reach us for quick questions and appointments.

We offer the option of either a single visit for consultation and procedure, or you can choose to have separate appointments for the initial consult and the vasectomy surgery.

Can I Use My Insurance?

Yes. We are in-network with most insurance companies and we take insurance for vasectomies.

We ask our patients to pay the fee for the procedure at the time of service.  Any reimbursement of what you have paid us will be based on your insurance policy, your insurance coverage, and what your insurance company might pay us for doing the procedure.

How do I pay for a vasectomy procedure?

We ask that our patients pay us at the time of service. All costs will be explained, helping you to make a well-informed decision about your care.

Because we offer such a high quality procedure and our prices are so low to begin with, we offer the same price to everyone.

We have found a lot of people do not have insurance coverage for our procedures, thus we have intentionally held our price much lower than the going rate. At the same time, we know that individuals with insurance often pay exorbitant monthly premiums to have health insurance so it only makes sense to be able to use it. Therefore, our clinic’s philosophy has been to offer the double advantage of low prices while still being able to use your insurance if you have it.


Vasectomy Cost Confirmation

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No-Needle Anesthesia is Always Included

At Gentle Procedures Dallas Dr. McAuliff employs no-needle anesthesia for vasectomy.

We offer a no-needle, no-scalpel procedure.

You can see below how the air-jet anesthetic application reduces trauma relative to use of a needle.

Nobody likes a needle in the scrotum, so no-needle anesthesia is pretty much universally preferred.

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Can I change my vasectomy appointment time after booking?

Yes, if you let us know 7 calendar days in advance of your scheduled appointment.

Deposits are not refundable, but we can change your appointment date with 7 calendar days notice. Changes with less notice may result in loss of the deposit.

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There’s no reason to wait until you come to the clinic for your procedure to get all the forms completed.  Please call us first at 469-931-0684 to schedule your appointment, then follow the link below.

You can get all your paperwork ahead of time – at your convenience.

When you arrive for your appointment, we will print them for you to review and sign. Thank you – we look forward to seeing you.

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