Circumcision Pricing and Insurance Coverage

circumcision costs for baby sonGentle Procedures Clinic is a leading provider of infant, teen and adult circumcision in greater Dallas-Fort Worth.

Our specialized circumcision clinic is organized around the needs of boys and their families in order to provide the best possible circumcision experience.

We perform circumcisions on newborns and toddlers up to age two.  Boys over nine, teenagers and adult men are regular clients at our clinic.

Your primary care doctor or your son’s pediatrician may refer you to Dr. McAuliff for a circumcision, but you don’t need a referral for the procedure.

Please call our booking line directly at 469-931-0684 during clinic hours. You can request an appointment online after hours as well.

Current Costs for Baby Circumcision in Dallas

Our fee is $385 for infants up to 28 days old, with higher pricing for older babies and boys.

You will pay a deposit $100 when you book and the balance is due the day of the procedure.

To discuss pricing for older children, please call our clinic at 469-931-0684.

Cost for Adult Circumcision in DFW

The total cost for adult circumcision is $1600, with a $400.00 deposit to schedule and the remaining $1200.00 on the day of the procedure.

Please call us at 469-931-0684 during clinic hours to schedule an appointment. At your initial consultation, Dr McAuliff will review the procedure and answer your questions.

You can also find more detail on adult circumcision procedures at our Dallas clinic on the Adult Circumcision page.

Older Boy and Adolescent Circumcision Pricing

The fees for circumcision of boys over nine and adolescents is $1600, requiring a $400 deposit to confirm service and an additional $1200 due on the day of procedure.

Please call us at 469-931-0684 during clinic hours to schedule an appointment for your initial consultation with Dr. McAuliff.

You can find more detail on boys and teen circumcision procedures at our Dallas clinic on the Teen Circumcision page.

Frequent Questions about Texas Circumcision Fees

Here are some common questions people have about our clinic’s circumcision costs

How much will it cost for circumcision for my son?

The price will depend on the age of your boy. Please just give us a call at 469-931-0684 so we can tell you what fees would apply in your case based on your child’s age. Thanks.

Can I change my circumcision appointment time after booking?

Yes, if you let us know 7 days in advance of your scheduled appointment. Thanks.

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